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A Trauma-Informed Approach for Health and Well-Being

Practice Self-Regulation™ (PS-R) is a federally funded trauma-informed model that promotes health and well-being in youth who have been impacted by adverse childhood experiences.

Grounded in neuroscience, PS-R teaches youth to put past trauma in a new light. It empowers them to manage emotions in healthy ways and take steps to achieve their life goals.

PS-R is currently being evaluated in two federally-funded randomized controlled studies. To date, many youth have benefited and outcomes are positive.

The PS-R program can be helpful to:

  • Strengthen a youth’s emotional and physical health
  • Decrease rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections/diseases
  • Positively impact the generational cycle of foster care

During the 10-week interactive program, youth and teens:

  • Explore how values, beliefs, choices and personal goals affect sexual health and well-being
  • Identify, affirm and promote their individual strengths
  • Increase knowledge about health, well-being and the impact of trauma on decision-making in all areas of life
  • Become empowered through support to make the best decision for their health and well-being
  • Receive support in practicing self-regulation
  • Engage in multi-sensory activities that reflect the integration of cognitive and affective processing
  • Create a vision for success

As a change agent, Voce brings its expertise in trauma and well-being to the PS-R program.

We provide training and technical assistance to PS-R certified trainers and to certified facilitators who provide PS-R to youth with whom they work.

We also connect agencies to a statewide network of PS-R certified trainers and facilitators.

Learn more about Practice Self-Regulation™

Talk to us about using PS-R or becoming a certified trainer or facilitator.