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Falling Into Place

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There are times in life when things just seem to fall into place. For me, becoming a board member at Voce is one of those times. One day, out of the blue, I received a message from someone I’d worked with for many years about meeting to discuss Voce.  I was familiar with the organization but didn’t know much about its work. One conversation led to another with Executive Director Rick Azzaro, and it was then I learned more about the mission and the great team Voce has throughout Pennsylvania working to expedite adoptions and permanency. Their programs, education and advocacy also extend to diversity and inclusion, trauma and loss and individual and family well-being

Around this same time, my husband and I had been discussing our future and the potential of starting a family. In researching the options available to LGBTQ+ couples, adoption was something we were considering. I had also recently become involved in my employer’s LGBTQ+ employee resource group. Joining the board and lending my time and talents to Voce seemed a natural choice given the personal connections I made to their work.

After joining Voce’s board, I became involved with the DEI Strategic Council, an internal workgroup focused on strengthening policies and practices in relation to DEI.  My time spent working with the Council, as well as Voce’s leadership team, has been invaluable. Getting firsthand experience with the DEI Strategic Council and the work it is doing to create an inclusive workspace and community has been such a positive experience. I’ve appreciated being part of the team helping to construct the DEI Joint Action Plan and was honored to help roll it out to employees earlier this year. 

Working in the health insurance industry, I get to connect with companies and their employees daily. I was attracted to the opportunity to educate, advocate and connect with people about a vital product many people use throughout their lives.  When I learned Voce means “voice” and its mission revolves around empowering people to use theirs, I knew I had found an organization of which I wanted to be a part. 

I look forward to my work with Voce and its employees for many years to come.  I’m excited to see all the exciting initiatives they’re working on and how the organization improves the communities in which it serves. 

Jake Hopkins is the Manager, Sales at Capital Blue Cross, a health insurance company serving the 21-county region in Central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley by offering health insurance products, services and technology solutions that provide peace of mind and promote health and wellness.

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