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Individual & Family Well-Being

A state of well-being is one in which a person or family can cope with the stresses of life, go about their day productively, enjoy healthy relationships and realize their potential.

An innovator of prevention and intervention programs, we train social workers and other human services professionals in best practices that help children and families thrive.

Why We Use Our Voice

  • Trauma

    Traumatic stress impacts the ability to trust and can actually change the brain.

  • Resiliency

    Fostering a capacity to overcome adversity is key to recovering from trauma.

  • Attachment

    Attachment with a parent allows a child to develop trust and confidence.

  • Grief & Loss
    Grief & Loss

    Time alone does not heal grief, rather it is a process that takes hard work.

  • Parenting Skills
    Parenting Skills

    Learning practical skills helps parents better meet the needs of children in their care.


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  • PS-R, a trauma-informed model, teaches youth to manage emotions in healthy ways and triumph to achieve life goals.

  • We are one of only four licensed Training for Adoption Competency™ sites in the Northeast and 17 nationwide.

  • On-site training

    At your location of choice, our trainers blend engaging presentations with breakout sessions and experiential learning.

  • Program Development

    Recognized for our formative work in child welfare, we are uniquely equipped to guide agencies in program development.

  • Program Evaluation

    Our program experts partner with agencies to conduct needs assessments, process evaluations and outcome evaluations.

  • Advocacy

    Drawing on 20+ years of experience, we support agencies to influence policy and gain resources to help the vulnerable.

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