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Steps Toward Stronger Families

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Each year, approximately 2,000 children in America die of abuse and neglect.

One in seven children have experienced child abuse and/or neglect in the past year.

Parents are most often the perpetrators of abuse on their children.

Child abuse is a pervasive public health issue typically hidden in the shadows of our communities. Its prevalence is substantial, and its impact ripples through individuals, families and communities across generations. Former Attorney General Janet Reno is famous for stating we can never adequately deal with community violence and addiction until we address violence in our homes. Family violence is often the nucleus for later social problems.

Child victims of abuse experience unspeakable trauma, loss and disruption. As a result, they often require assistance to meet their special needs, including mental health, attachment, grief and loss, complex trauma, identity, academic, health and daily functioning.  It is no surprise that professionals and the community at large often misunderstand child victims of abuse. As a result of their experiences, these children need advocates and professionals who practice with empathy and understanding.

Voce is committed to preventing child abuse and neglect and healing for children who have already been scarred in this battle. Our efforts through Pennsylvania’s Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network are trauma-informed and focus on child victims of abuse and neglect in need of permanent, loving homes. Training for Adoption Competency and the Forum on Pennsylvania's Children are programs designed to promote healing and empower child victims of abuse.

You can be a voice for child victims of abuse, too. Individuals, families and communities must work together to strengthen families and prevent abuse and neglect from occurring.

  • Share this article and other National Child Abuse Prevention month posts and articles to generate awareness.
  • Give to organizations like Voce that are working at a systemic level to find solutions.
  • Visit the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services for more information and resources. It truly does take a village to care for our community’s children and we need you.

This month we remember the children who have died, honor survivors and, as a community, commit ourselves to do everything possible to eliminate abuse.

How can our expertise and experience help you?

Let’s create positive, lasting change together.